The Tuesdays with Toni podcast, sponsored by MRY, focused on how youth culture and social media trends intersect with brand marketing. The format was simple: In 15 minutes or less, I would break down a trend into digestible parts, pass the mic to my guests for their reactions, and then wrap things up with "Toni's Take” – my opinion on what marketers should take away from the conversation. Thank you to my MRY team for helping me bring this project to life!



I think Toni Dawkins from MRY is a great example (of being relevant). She went on to create Tuesdays with Toni, which is an actual podcast on millennial trends and millennials are a really key focus of MRY. She put this podcast together on millennial trends, on meme culture, and on new technology, and shared broadly those insights across MRY or anyone who was interested from the clients. That’s a great example of somebody who is seemingly in the middle of a company with lots of things to do and bosses above and people across and people below to work with, and she went out of the box, beyond boundaries and created something that’s adding a lot of relevant value for her clients and for her team.
— Laura Desmond, (former) CEO of Starcom Mediavest Group